What is CovidPass?

CovidPass is a “health passport” app that promises to revive global travel, large events and gatherings during the Covid-19 pandemic without compromising health and safety, nor privacy.  With its specific features that make it especially appealing to individuals, organizers and governments alike, this app ambition is to allow healthy individuals to travel or attend events, and avoid unaffordable total lockdowns.

CovidPass is a secured app that doesn’t compromise private data by using unsecure Bluetooth technology.  Instead, it opts for a closed loop technology and end-to-end encryption making it impossible to hack.

Why do we need CovidPass?

CovidPass offers a solution to re-allow travel, global tourism and large scale events securely, safely and sustainably.  It can help address the challenges these industries have been facing since the start of the pandemic and do so NOW.  Indeed, the necessary measures taken so far to fight the spread of Covid-19 have have applied to everyone, without distinguishing between virus-free and infected individuals, and have therefore severely impacted industries and economies around the world. ; they have also pushed back many large scale events, like the Tokyo summer Olympics and the UEFA Euro 2020.

How does it work?

CovidPass offers a solution to encrypt in a  seamless and secure way. Covid-19 screening tests results from approved medical laboratories. These results are then sent to individuals who wish to travel or attend big events, allowing them to present the same results to the authorities or organizing bodies which have requested them to grant access. .  Those who test negative in the serological or pcr test receive a secure QR code on their Smartphone which they can then present at airlines’ check-in desks, borders or events entrances, where their safe status is confirmed.


What makes CovidPass different?

CovidPass is not just another travel, health or Covid-19 monitoring app.  It differentiates itself on several levels:

  • Technology: CovidPass uses Blockchain Technology to store encrypted data from Covid-19 screening tests, offering a standardized, inalterable presentation of PCR or serological test results.
  • Privacy: CovidPass addresses users’ privacy concerns and is not a contact tracing app.  Its objective is not only to help and support the economy but also to do so all the while addressing individuals’ expressed concerns about using contact tracing apps.
  • Expertise: CovidPass counts for its development on the expertise of professionals in the medical, consumer app, government relations and tourism fields and offers therefore a comprehensive adaptable solution.

Which problems do we solve?

CovidPass is a solution to the challenges the tourism and events industry are currently facing. It addresses the concerns of governments, businesses and individuals and aspires to restore their confidence in safe travel and social interactions.  This will re-enable the return of millions of people to planes, hotels, stadiums, conferences, etc.

Governments: CovidPass offers the government an additional layer of security and reassurance about the legitimacy of Covid-19 test results; this makes authorities confident in the safety of re-opening their borders.  CovidPass also offers governments and public authorities a platform for monitoring real time epidemiological data.

Businesses, individual users, big events and exhibitions organizers: CovidPass aims to help restart businesses, proceed with large scale worldwide sports and entertainment events and resume religious gatherings such as pilgrimages.  It would do so by facilitating the movement of individuals domestically and across borders without compromising health and safety.  That way, CovidPass would allow the reintegration of individuals who test negative or immune into local and international economies as well as their assembly into large gatherings.

Individuals can use their issued secure QR code as a health passport for fast and easy movements and social interactions. CovidPass, having the confidence of governments and health authorities regarding the legitimacy of its test information, will allow individuals to resume their professional activities problem free and to not miss out on long awaited, big, high cost, events.

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