About CovidPass: An automated, AI supported Covid-19 monitoring system

CovidPass is an easy to use app that is widely available at low cost.
CovidPass is built on the AWS architecture favouring scalability and growth potential.
CovidPass has a built in platform that allows governments to centrally monitor test results ensuring proper governance, information security and reliability.
CovidPass makes a targeted isolation approach to fight COVID-19 transmission possible in place of the absolute confinement of entire populations strategy that we have witnessed so far worldwide.
CovidPass pertains to COVID-19 tests -the diagnostic PCR and the serological test- which should be administered at a Medical Analysis Laboratory (MAL).  Test results are released automatically and uploaded confidentially into the CovidPass system.  They are stored for mapping, analysis and epidemiological follow-up purposes.
CovidPass helps with the gradual revival of economies and tourism.  Individuals who test negative in the PCR test and/or immune in the serological test are issued an individual QR quote.  Using this code as a “pass”, they are able to move freely and remain active.  They can therefore work from the office (abiding nonetheless by the mandatory protective measures), attend professional and leisure events with large gatherings and most importantly travel internationally.
CovidPass can potentially help economies, especially in Africa, save billions of Euros by reactivating their economic infrastructure and allowing them to reopen their airspace sooner than anticipated without compromising public health and safety.

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Protective Measures

About CovidPass !

AI-Powered tech provides a solution for each country !

Governmental Platform from Monitoring Epidemiological to Time Real

We have created a simple and user friendly modular interface that can be adapted as needed.  It makes use of analytics to produce the latest Covid-19 statistics and those related to CovidPass users.  Data is processed by high-performance AWS servers and transferred by asymmetric cryptography.  It is  aggregated within the platform and made accessible through filters that allow the extraction of specific information.  Dynamic thermal maps are generated without tracking using CovidPass data combined with that of the World Health Organization.


We have created a simple and intuitive interface to find all the statistics related to the covid-19.


Many filters and queries can be implemented to extract the desired data.


Data are processed by high-performance AWS servers. Data are transferred by asymmetric cryptography.


Dynamic thermal card without tracking. Data are aggregated with other WHO data.

Government tool to analyse the Covid-19 pandemic!

How to reduce the impact on the world economy!

Our platform offers many services to governments!

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CovidPass is a simple application with a user friendly interface – iOS, Android and Web-, encrypted and secure data, simplified controls and a 24/7 user support center

CovidPass aims to revive international travel and economies in the age of Covid-19 by facilitating the movement of individuals domestically and across borders without compromising health or safety.  It does so by ensuring the authenticity of C-19 test results along with their secure communication to all stakeholders.  This process facilitates the reintegration of immune individuals and those who test negative into local and international economies and their participation in big events and large gatherings.  Ultimately this helps to restart businesses, to move forward with large scale worldwide sports and entertainment events that have been pushed back, to resume worship services, religious ceremonies and pilgrimages that have been put on hold, and eventually to jump start currently dormant global tourism and revive severely impacted economies.

CovidPass is therefore an app that is useful for the public and private sectors. It offers a solution to the challenges facing governments, businesses and individuals as they attempt to adapt to the new normal and find some security in times of uncertainty.

  • All Interface (IOS, Android, Web)
  • Encrypted data and secure
  • Simplify controls
  • 24/7 Support Help Center

Governments will make use of CovidPass to ensure that only immune and non infected individuals are able to travel, attend big religious, sports or entertainment events and this before they come into contact with a large number of people limiting therefore the risk of Covid-19 transmission.  Governments can also use other features of the app to monitor real time worldwide epidemiological data and manage potential future waves of the pandemic.

Businesses will make use of CovidPass to allow cleared individuals to resume regular work activities;  hosts of big sports, social and entertainment events will use it to ensure that only individuals with a clean health visa are able to take part in large gatherings.

Individuals will use their securely issued individual QR code of clean health as a passport to cross borders and move easily and freely for professional, personal and social purposes.

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CovidPass through the secure communication of a clean health visa signed off on by an authorized testing laboratory -that would be liable for faulty results-, guaranties authenticity of information.
Security agents on the ground are able to reconfirm the test results using a simple, secure and unbiased approach. This process offers additional assurance for the re-opening of borders and for allowing the free movement of individuals who test negative or are deemed immune.

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